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  August 27, 2019

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Sales: The Secret Playbooks

You asked. We Listened. We're bringing our industry leading Sales Engagement Conference, Unleash, to a city near you!

Announcing the Unleash Summit Series, powered by Outreach. We're headed across the US throughout the month of August and will be making 8 city stops along the way. We're partnering with the industry's cutting-edge companies and sales leaders to share our secret sales playbooks and strategies to help you elevate your teams and business goals!




Max Altschuler, VP Marketing, Outreach

3 Workflows Worth $1B...with a capital B.

Outreach Sales Leaders show 3 plays critical to helping Outreach achieve a $1 billion valuation by generating 90% of revenue from cold outbound prospecting.

Alex Kremer, Account Executive Manager, SMB, Outreach

Putting the selling back into your sales

It is often said that sales is the intersection of art and science. With so many new technologies, new analytics, and new roles that specialize each step of the sale we have moved far into the science part and are likely losing the art. How do we educate and empower our people, set up our organization, build our culture, and leverage our technology in a way that enables and measures our ability to actually sell our product/service/solution? This session will provide a perspective on what it means to sell and provide tactical ways that your organization can put more selling into your sales process and see tangible results.

Nathan Cowan, Sr. Director of Commercial Business, Convoy

Sales Plays Panel Session

We're sitting some of the top and most influential Sales Leaders in front of you and letting them share their opinions and ideas on the best practices and plays to provide actionable tactics for your sales teams success.

Margaret Arakawa, CMO, Outreach (Moderator)

Joe Caprio, VP of Sales, Chorus

Annie Roche, Senior Account Executive, LeadIQ

Peter Chun, VP of Sales, Lucidchart

Coffee Break

The Dichotomy of Demand Generation

Sales and revenue teams are evolving at lightspeed - and even more so for teams in charge of prospecting. It used to be that sales leaders were asking a few dependable questions of their teams. Now, the questions are more opaque than ever: Should you segment your campaigns or keep your approach streamlined? Should you personalize your content or respect your prospect's anonymity? Join me to explore some insights that will help you answer these questions.

TJ Macke, SVP of Strategy, Sapper Consulting

Outbound playbooks you can install tomorrow

Sam will discuss three surprisingly effective outbound prospecting strategies that can be implemented by managers in an afternoon.
- Make prioritization easy and obvious for brand new reps
- Stretch personalization 10x further
- The referral strategy that elicits a response 54% of the time

Sam Nelson, SDR Manager, Outreach

Kailey Cranston, SDR Manager, Restaurant365

Next Generation Playbooks: How Outbound Ops is Enabling a New Breed of Plays

A new era for outbound is upon us. The explosion of raw data and tools allow for new possibilities in the world of data driven scale. Ben Salzman from Dogpatch Advisors will walk us through a new model for outbound called “Outbound Ops”. Get ready for insights on how to create a clearinghouse in your organization to manage, normalize and stage outbound data to empower your SDRs and AEs.

They'll be sharing outbound playbook examples from the world's fastest growing companies and new plays never shared before.

Ben Salzman, Advisor, Dogpatch

Happy Hour


Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler

VP Marketing, Outreach
Alex Kremer

Alex Kremer

Sales Manager, Outreach
Nathan Cowan

Nathan Cowan

Sr. Director of Commercial Business
Margaret Arakawa

Margaret Arakawa

CMO, Outreach
Joe Caprio

Joe Caprio

VP of Sales, Chorus
Annie Roche

Annie Roche

Senior Account Executive, LeadIQ
Peter Chun

Peter Chun

VP of Sales, Lucidchart
TJ Macke

TJ Macke

SVP of Strategy, Sapper Consulting
Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson

SDR Manager, Outreach
Kailey Cranston

Kailey Cranston

SDR Manager, Restaurant365
Ben Salzman

Ben Salzman

Advisor, Dogpatch


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