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  August 20, 2019

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Sales: The Secret Playbooks

You asked. We Listened. We're bringing our industry leading Sales Engagement Conference, Unleash, to a city near you!

Announcing the Unleash Summit Series, powered by Outreach. We're headed across the US throughout the month of August and will be making 8 city stops along the way. We're partnering with the industry's cutting-edge companies and sales leaders to share our secret sales playbooks and strategies to help you elevate your teams and business goals!


Outreach Customer Training Sessions


Business Value Workshop for Outreach Customers

Learn from Outreach Customer Success Managers, Product Managers and Sales Leaders for best practices on how to craft your team's workflow to best utilize what Outreach has to offer.

Unleash Summit Series


3 Workflows Worth $1B...with a B.

Outreach Sales Leader show 3 workflows critical to helping Outreach achieve a $1 billion valuation by generating 90% of revenue from cold outbound prospecting.

Darren Poznick, RVP of Sales, Outreach

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales, Outreach

The Ultimate Guidance on Creating a Sales Playbook

Want to improve productivity across your sales team, standardize best practices, reduce ramp-up time, and make your salespeople more autonomous? Learn how one of the best companies in your area created their sales playbook to effectively drive quicker responses and sales cycles.

Coffee Break

Sales Plays Panel Session

We're sitting some of the top and most influential Sales Leaders in front of you and letting them share their opinions and ideas on the best practices and plays to provide actionable tactics for your sales teams success.

Darren Poznick, RVP of Sales, Outreach

Sam Nelson, SDR Manager, Outreach

Jacco vanderKooji, Founder, Winning by Design


Happy Hour


Darren Poznick

Darren Poznick

RVP of Sales, Outreach
Mark Kosoglow

Mark Kosoglow

VP of Sales, Outreach
Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson

SDR Leader, Outreach
Jacco vanderKooji

Jacco vanderKooji

Founder, Winning by Design



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