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  August 22, 2019

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Sales: The Secret Playbooks

You asked. We Listened. We're bringing our industry leading Sales Engagement Conference, Unleash, to a city near you!

Announcing the Unleash Summit Series, powered by Outreach. We're headed across the US throughout the month of August and will be making 8 city stops along the way. We're partnering with the industry's cutting-edge companies and sales leaders to share our secret sales playbooks and strategies to help you elevate your teams and business goals!


Outreach Customer Training Sessions


Business Value Workshop for Outreach Customers

Learn from Outreach Customer Success Managers, Product Managers and Sales Leaders for best practices on how to craft your team's workflow to best utilize what Outreach has to offer.

Unleash Summit Series



Leila Horejsi, VP Customer Success, Outreach

3 Workflows Worth $1B...with a capital B.

Outreach Sales Leaders show 3 plays critical to helping Outreach achieve a $1 billion valuation by generating 90% of revenue from cold outbound prospecting.

Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales, Outreach

The Ultimate Guidance on Creating a Sales Playbook

Want to improve productivity across your sales team, standardize best practices, reduce ramp-up time, and make your salespeople more autonomous? Learn how one of the best companies in your area created their sales playbook to effectively drive quicker responses and sales cycles.

Kevin McIntyre, VP, Go-To-Market & Revenue Operations, ZoomInfo

Ryan Heitz, Senior Manager of Revenue Operations: Data, Analytics, Tools, ZoomInfo

Sales Plays Panel Session

We're sitting some of the top and most influential Sales Leaders in front of you and letting them share their opinions and ideas on the best practices and plays to provide actionable tactics for your sales teams success.

Leila Horejsi, VP Customer Success, Outreach (Moderator)

Joe Caprio, VP of Sales, Chorus

Grant Barnes, Director of Business Development, Dialpad

Jared Houghton, CSO, Ambition

Coffee Break

Outbound playbooks you can install tomorrow

Sam and Jacki will discuss three surprisingly effective outbound prospecting strategies that can be implemented by managers in an afternoon.
- Make prioritization easy and obvious for brand new reps
- Stretch personalization 10x further
- The referral strategy that elicits a response 54% of the time

Sam Nelson, SDR Manager, Outreach

Jacki Leahy, Revenue Operations, Linksquares

Creating a Sales Dynasty: How to move your sales playbooks from theory to action

Join Rob Jeppsen as he shares how to move past the theory of a playbook and operationalize your playbook at scale. Rob will share how some of the most successful sales teams around the world have transformed their teams without changing the people, the training, or the systems...but by changing how the managers lead and coach each rep. In this session, you'll get a blueprint for how you can help each rep on your team improve by at least 10% regardless of their current performance level, provide 1:1 coaching your reps will thank you for, and become the legendary leader that creates impact across the entire organization.

Rob Jeppsen, CEO, Xvoyant

How to 3x SDR output with unconventional data management practices

Tito Bohrt will reveal the secrets to how his team has been able to 2-10x SDR results of AltiSales clients simply by improving data management flows. Concepts like Evergreen data, distributed data teams, data half life, and right-on-time data will be touched on. By the end of this talk you will have actionable steps to take to ensure your team is maximizing the number of meetings they set, optimize the SDR to AE Handoff, and guarantee that no email, or phone call is wasted. This talk might just allow you to increase your SDR team performance by 30% overnight.

Tito Bohrt, Founder & CEO, AltiSales

Happy Hour


Leila Horejsi

Leila Horejsi

VP Customer Success, Outreach
Mark Kosoglow

Mark Kosoglow

VP of Sales, Outreach
Kevin McIntyre

Kevin McIntyre

VP, Go-To-Market & Revenue Operations, ZoomInfo
Ryan Heitz

Ryan Heitz

Senior Manager of Revenue Operations: Data, Analytics, Tools, ZoomInfo
Joe Caprio

Joe Caprio

VP of Sales, Chorus
Grant Barnes

Grant Barnes

Director of Business Development, Dialpad
Jared Houghton

Jared Houghton

CSO, Ambition
Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson

SDR Manager, Outreach
Jacki Leahy

Jacki Leahy

Revenue Operations, Linksquares
Rob Jeppsen

Rob Jeppsen

CEO, Xvoyant
Tito Bohrt

Tito Bohrt

Founder & CEO, AltiSales


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