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  August 15, 2019

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Sales: The Secret Playbooks

You asked. We Listened. We're bringing our industry leading Sales Engagement Conference, Unleash, to a city near you!

Announcing the Unleash Summit Series, powered by Outreach. We're headed across the US throughout the month of August and will be making 8 city stops along the way. We're partnering with the industry's cutting-edge companies and sales leaders to share our secret sales playbooks and strategies to help you elevate your teams and business goals!




Mike Zinne, SVP Customer Success, Outreach

3 Workflows Worth $1B...with a capital B.

Outreach Sales Leaders show 3 plays critical to helping Outreach achieve a $1 billion valuation by generating 90% of revenue from cold outbound prospecting.

Alex Kremer, Account Executive Manager, SMB, Outreach

Prospecting When You Have an Inbound Problem

Building a brand new outbound Enterprise SDR team in an established 11yr old company with revenues north of $500M sounds easy. Doing it when a sales team has realized the majority of that revenue from an inbound funnel is challenging. To get to a $10B company, you have to prospect, especially to large Enterprise. The challenge is, how do you change the sales organization's inbound mentality to that of an outbound one and capture big logos?

Alpha Owens, Outbound Sales Development Manager, Twilio

Sales Plays Panel Session

We're sitting some of the top and most influential Sales Leaders in front of you and letting them share their opinions and ideas on the best practices and plays to provide actionable tactics for your sales teams success.

Mike Zinne, SVP Customer Success, Outreach (Moderator)

Angela Raub, CEO & President, Leadercast

Ryan O'Hara, VP of Growth and Marketing, LeadIQ

Brian Trautschold, Co-Founder, Ambition

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The Ultimate Guidance on Creating a Sales Playbook

Want to improve productivity across your sales team, standardize best practices, reduce ramp-up time, and make your salespeople more autonomous? Learn how one of the best companies in your area created their sales playbook to effectively drive quicker responses and sales cycles.

Andy Mangum, Director of Mid-Market, Inside Sales, Vonage

Discovery Playbook: One Size Does NOT Fit All

Ever wonder why some discovery conversations are home runs and others fall flat? Chances are you made a critical error to start your discovery call. Most sales professionals think one size fits all when it comes to discovery – which is why most deals die as soon as the meeting ends. You're going to learn a discovery playbook that will ensure you leave EVERY discovery call with a real deal on the line.

You'll learn:
- A surprising discovery mistake even the best sales pros make
- Why asking the right question at the right time is crucial (PLUS, how to do it)
- 3 techniques to ensure your next discovery call converts to a sales presentation

Jared Smith, Manager, Sales Development, Gong

Sam Nelson, SDR Manager, Outreach


Jeffrey Winters, President, Sapper Consulting

Happy Hour


Mike Zinne

Mike Zinne

SVP Customer Success, Outreach
Alex Kremer

Alex Kremer

Sales Manager, Outreach
Alpha Owens

Alpha Owens

Outbound Sales Development Manager, Twilio
Angela Raub

Angela Raub

CEO & President, Leadercast
Ryan O'Hara

Ryan O'Hara

VP of Growth and Marketing, LeadIQ
Brian Trautschold

Brian Trautschold

Co-Founder, Ambition
Andy Mangum

Andy Mangum

Director of Mid-Market, Inside Sales, Vonage
Jared Smith

Jared Smith

Manager, Sales Development, Gong
Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson

SDR Manager, Outreach
Jeffrey Winters

Jeffrey Winters

President, Sapper Consulting


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